As the name suggests, we are a specialist lawn mowing company. At its most basic level, this can include a fortnightly or weekly mowing programme, which will ensure your lawn is always kept looking attractive. We also offer strimming and edge trimming, to ensure all the grass areas are kept neat and tidy. With professional, specialist equipment, you will be amazed by the results we can achieve.

We can arrange to visit your property at a date and time to suit yourselves, but we find it most effective where customers set up a regular schedule (either weekly or fortnightly), as this ensures you know exactly when your lawn will be cut and do not need to worry about scheduling in a visit from our experts – we take care of that for you. And if you want your lawn to be cut more than once a week, also not a problem!

In addition to lawn mowing and strimming, we offer a premium service which can include weedkilling, moss removal, scarifying, aerating and fertilising. These extras  really will make your lawn look spectacular- you will be surprised by the difference these can make. If your lawn hasn’t had these treatments before, or you are not sure exactly what they are, why not get in contact to find out more and see the difference that can be made to your lawn.